African Economic Development Plan

A site that will give you ways to stimulate Africa’s economy. This is an ACTION based site.

We want people to be more aware of African economics. We also need to promote intra-African trade and the exportation of finished African goods.
This is the site for the African Economic Development Plan.

Our main goal is to develop the economies of Global Africans (People of African descent) by promoting tourism, fashion, culture, art and products.
We offer some basic things that you can do in your life that will help Global Africa’s economy and create more jobs.
If everybody does these little things, then Africa’s economy will grow.

The site will help Africans at home and in the Diaspora to contribute to Africa’s development.

Here are a list of things everybody can do.
1. Buy African clothes
2. Go to tourism in Africa.
3. Watch African sports leagues
4. Invest in Africa
5. Buy African products
6. Buy African art

If millions of people do this then Africa’s economy will be a lot better.