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ABOC Worldwide Directory is a registered online business magazine and listing portal for black owned businesses worldwide. We target business owners of African descent with start-ups, small and already established businesses. We then proceed to list them by producing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) content to effectively promote and help businesses rank higher on search engines.

Furthermore, we are particularly interested in small businesses without own platforms; our aim is to give them a platform to get attention and visibility in order to compete on an international level. Businesses listed on ABOC Directory also have the opportunity to market and sell their products via our ABOC Worldwide Marketplace(Launching soon)

Are you interested in a partnership with ABOC Marketplace and sell your products on our platform? Contact us.

By listing your business with the ABOC Directory, you are allowing both consumers and other business owners to find you and contact you directly. Listing is FREE in a bid to reach as many as possible and create a community where business owners of African descent feel very much at home with each other.

This site is ran by Chi.


The ABOC Worldwide Marketplace is a webshop affiliated to the ABOC Worldwide Directory that markets and stocks on products from black entrepreneurs globally. The aim is to provide a platform for these business owners to showcase their products/services to a wider audience and attract clients and buyers in the process.

Requirements to join

  1. Must already have a working relationship with ABOC Worldwide Directory entailing your business having been listed on the portal.
  2. Must be willing to grant us high quality images of products/services you intend to market and sell, clear product descriptions, individual pricing of each item/service and shipping costs.
  3. Must have a Paypal Business/Personal account for ease of transactions across continents.


ABOC Worldwide Directory partners with Chimene Gaspar to provide special packages to black female entrepreneurs without an online presence yet.


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