Buyer-Seller Policies

  1. All products or services marketed and sold on ABOC Worldwide Marketplace are independent from editorial decisions. The webshop only offers a platform for the promotion of these products and services for sale.
  2. ABOC Worldwide Marketplace reserves the right to decline any type of products or services that are damaging to the ABOC Worldwide Directory’s brand or are inappropriate to the content held on the ABOC Worldwide Directory.
  3. Product or service promotion may not be deceptive or misleading and must be verifiable.
  4. Money will be availed to the seller once the product is successfully delivered to the buyer. ABOC Worldwide Directory only retains 15% from the sale of each item.
  5. Sellers must put in place policies for refunding incase goods are defective or services unsatisfactory. The ABOC Worldwide Marketplace will not hold any liability for defective or unsatisfactory goods or services.
  6. Sellers must communicate with the ABOC Worldwide Marketplace once a particular item is sold out and when it’s back in stock to ensure proper information is availed to interested buyers by the webshop.
  7. Sellers wishing to terminate their partnership with the ABOC Worldwide Marketplace must do so formally. The webshop will in turn ensure that their products or services are withdrawn within 5 working days and after any pending transactions are completed.
  8. Payments are via the following channels (to be included)