ABOC, The Association

Association of Black Owned companies (ABOC) is a global village where African people can meet, make contacts, learn from each other, share common interests and information regarding business opportunities and economic development.

We list Black Owned Companies and Black Service Providers online to support communities and entrepreneurship and to identify, expose and support the visibility of Black Owned Businesses around the world.

ABOC embraces the true definition of an Association. An Association is a group of people who share common views and goals, organised for common purposes which are realised through co-operative efforts of its members. The organisations and members of an association are responsible for the achievement of the association’s goals. An Association can only exist through the participation of its members and it additionally exists to satisfy and encompass many of people’s basic functions including social instinct and the need to stay in contact with other people.

ABOC encourages people to support and invest in Black Owned Businesses. This will ensure that those businesses continue to grow economically and create jobs. We also help companies to connect with their communities by listing them for easier location and for interested clients and investors to contact them directly. We are also building a more Pan-African mind set for Disporan Africans who are misinformed about the real status of Africa.


This is a platform given to members of the association to share news about developments and their businesses. The blog’s aim is to grow the African online community and it is also a platform where Africans around the world can raise their views and concerns, share experiences and learn about their continent.

The blog develops the personalities of the members as it provides them with the scope and encouragement to express their talent. This also helps to generate unity, increase friendships and cooperation and will ultimately make the association strong while enabling us to achieve our goals.
It also allows members to share and exchange views and through their participation, they get enlightened by several points of view hence increasing their knowledge and awareness.

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