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Lionel Richie Home
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Lionel Richie Home Collection

Lionel Richie Home is a luxury collection of home decor started by award winning African-American musician, Lionel Richie, in 2016.  Initially, the collection entailed a homeware line comprising of a variety of dinnerware, barware and entertaining accessories. In 2018, Richie who confesses to being a luxury lover, launched an extension of his home collection with JC Penny.

This entailed bedsheets, throw pillows and coverlet and comforter sets. Colors ranged from neutral black, navy and tan, baby blue and gold. The bath towels comprised a 6 piece set retailing at $80 that gave 4 color options; all white, white and gray, white and blue or white and tan.

Lionel Richie Homeware Collection




Lionel Richie Home Collection



Worth noting is that Richie also owns a fragrance collection, HELLO by Lionel Richie which he subsequently launched in 2019. The name is very familiar to his fans because it is taken from a single of the same title of his 1983 second solo album, Can’t Slow Down. Richie’s fragrance collection in turn entails HELLO by Lionel Richie Eau de Parfum for women and HELLO by Lionel Richie Eau de Toilette for men. The bottles’ designs have been inspired by his deep appreciation of fine design.

Musical Journey and Success

Richie is best described as a singer, songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist, record producer and actor. In the late 60s, he was part of the Commodores, a funk and soul band. With the group, Richie produced hit singles such as Three times a lady and Nightshift among others. In 1982, he decided to break away as a solo artiste releasing hits such as the famous Hello, Stuck on you, Say you, Say me and many others.

In the course of his musical career, Richie has sold over 100 million records globally making him one of the world’s best-selling artistes of all time. Why a home collection business? Richie explained back in 2018;

“I travel so much. Home is my tranquility—my stay-cation—and through my passion for home design and experiences, I want to design a beautiful home space for you.”

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