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BYCHARI is a jewelry company founded by Chari Cuthbert in 2012. Cuthbert who currently doubles up as the Designer and Creative Director recognized a gap in the market for great pieces at an approachable price point.

Beginnings and Growth

BYCHARI Founder, Chari Cuthbert. Image courtesy of Benjamin Holtrop.

Chari Cuthbert, 36, was born in Miami, the child of Jamaican immigrants. In 2012, she resigned from her job and moved to Hawaii and then again to Los Angeles. As a self-taught artist, Cuthbert recognized her unique approach to fashion earlier on as a result of residing in different cities around the world. In the process, she began designing her own pieces.

With her eventual move to Los Angeles, Cuthbert resolved to start her own jewelry business with just $100 as initial capital. The jewelry pieces are now described on their website as essential, everyday jewelry to more luxury, fine and signature custom pieces. In addition, they are also handmade sustainably while remaining committed to supporting local small businesses.

Notwithstanding the small team behind the brand, BYCHARI jewelry has since been spotted on notable figures, the most recent being former US First Lady, Michelle Obama. For her Democratic National Convention Virtual Speech on August 17th 2020, Michelle Obama wore the VOTE necklace and large, hoop earrings by BYCHARI. Worth mentioning is that Cuthbert designed the particular VOTE necklace for the 2016 election. To see an interest in this collection in 2020 communicates just how timeless her designs are.

Former US First Lady, Michelle Obama wearing the VOTE necklace and large, hoop earrings by BYCHARI while giving her DNC virtual speech on Aug. 17th. Courtesy, Getty/Images.

Soon after Michelle Obama appeared virtually in the pieces, sales and exposure for BYCHARI massively shot up. By August 21st, the jewelry company had received over 4,000 orders for the VOTE necklace.

BYCHARI Jewelry also has a special focus on mothers and especially during this ongoing pandemic season. #BYCHARIMAMAS is a project that features stories about mothers on their website while promoting pieces with the words “mama” and “mom.” Jewelry prices on the selling platform cost between $20 – $500.

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