Kitchen Butterfly- An Ultimate Guide to Nigerian Cuisine

Kitchen Butterfly Founder, Ozoz Sokoh
  • Photo by Ozoz Sokoh

Introducing Kitchen Butterly

Kitchen Butterfly is a food blog started by Nigerian, Ozoz Sokoh. Sokoh (pictured) is a trained Exploration Geologist from the University of Liverpool turned Food Explorer, Culinary Anthropologist and Food Historian. She has previously confessed to having a passion for photography and writing as well, adding that her appreciation of food peaked at age 9.


Often described as a Chef too, Sokoh loves experimenting with and sharing the Nigerian cuisine. In 2013, she coined the phrase New Nigerian Kitchen. This particularly communicated her desire to celebrate and document all details of Nigerian cuisine. Furthermore, she is credited for creating Nigeria’s Seasonal Produce Calendarthe first of its kind in the country.

Subsequently, she also provides a guide to Nigerian tastes and Flavors. Worth noting is that all these feats have been achieved at her Kitchen Butterfly food blog. Indeed, this sets her apart as a food blogger with a unique interest in delving way deeper into the world of food and not only in the preparation and presentation aspect of it.

As a result of her attention to detail, Sokoh boasts of many achievements. She was one of the featured Chefs in the 2016 Edition of the GT Bank Food and Drink. This is an exhibition and sales event held yearly with an aim of highlighting the diverse angles of the food industry. She has also been featured on the late Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown Lagos Episode. CNN’s African Voices segment and Food 52 have profiled her work. And this is not even half of it! More of her achievements are archived on her Features & Press page.

The Blog

To get a taste of Sokoh’s prolific work, a visit to Kitchen Butterfly is all you need to do. High quality pictures possibly intended to whet your appetite accompany detailed recipes. In the Food School section, visitors learn useful tips related to food. And of course more about Sokoh, her Philosophy and Practice are detailed.

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