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Epara Skin Care Products
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Epara Skin Care is a natural, luxury skin care brand started in 2017 by Ozohu Adoh and based in the UK.


Ozohu Adoh was born and grew up in Nigeria. She attained her MBA at the Oxford University and worked in Finance and Strategy. For a lengthy period, she suffered from a skin condition that drove her into a constant search for products that would treat her dry and uneven skin problems. Her search was unsuccessful and she decided to develop her own products.

Being from the African continent, Adoh was aware that some organic ingredients from her motherland worked wonders on skin. It was then that she began experimenting with these ingredients in her own kitchen. Luckily, she found a formula that was just right for her! Within weeks, her previously stubborn skin condition had significantly improved to the point of a close friend commenting on her new appearance.

It was then that Adoh realized the need to start a skin care brand that catered to women of color. At first, she shared the formula she had just discovered on a focus group of women whose collective feedback was very positive. Soon after, she began working closely with a lab in the UK. The aim was to develop fully, products that would address all the skin care issues that women of color faced. As a result, a 10-piece product range was birthed.

Epara Skin Care Founder and CEO, Ozohu Adoh

Epara Skin Care Founder and CEO, Ozohu Adoh. Photo not ABOC’s.

Epara Skin Care Brand

Epara Skin Care products cater to common skin conditions in women of color such as hyper-pigmentation and hydration. The products contain botanicals, essential oils and plant extracts. In addition, all of the natural and organic ingredients are ethically sourced from farmers and cooperatives across Africa. Some of them include Moringa Oil from Kenya, Marula Oil from Morocco and Shea Butter from Ghana. Consequently, they make up 95-100% of the brand depending on product.

Epara in the Nigerian dialect of Ebira means “to cocoon oneself”. It was Adoh’s intention for women of color to cocoon themselves in the luxury that is her skin care brand. In 2018, she launched her range with Barneys New York. Furthermore, her products are available not only in the UK but across the world in countries such as Belgium, Kenya and her native, Nigeria.

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