Pattern Beauty by Tracee Ellis Ross

Pattern by Tracee Ellis Ross
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Pattern Beauty is a hair care line for curly and coiled hair launched in September 2019 by Tracee Ellis Ross. The line caters to the aforementioned hair types ranging from 3b to 4c.

Beginnings and Growth

Tracee Joy Silberstein, known professionally as Tracee Ellis Ross is not a new face in the US and beyond. She is a successful, award winning American Actress, Singer and TV Host best known for her roles in TV series such as Girlfriends and currently, Black-ish among others. Ross is also the daughter of actress and Motown recording artist, Diana Ross and music executive, Robert Ellis Silberstein.

About 10 years prior to the launch of Pattern Beauty, just after the series Girlfriends wrapped up, Ross wrote her first hair care brand pitch. Thus began the journey of what was to be; a hair care line that catered to natural afro-hair. Back then, the void in the market for curly girls was quite evident to her hence fueling her drive.

Pattern Beauty launched  with products consisting of 1 shampoo, 3 conditioners, a leave-in conditioner, 2 serums, a large strong-hold hair clip, shower brush and microfiber towel. Around June 2020, Ross would again launch what was phase 2 of her brand dubbed Style Your Pattern. To her fans, she communicated her inspiration for the phase 2 launch stating in part;

I’m reminded that sharing the beauty of Blackness, the power of Blackness, the importance of our Blackness has always been urgent.

Pattern Beauty Founder, Tracee Ellis Ross. Photo by Rainer Hosch/Trunk Archive.

The Style Your Pattern collection consisted of 5 new products namely; curl gel, styling cream, edge control, hydrating mist and strong-hold gel. Furthermore, there were 4 additions to the already existing shower line of the brand plus more styling tools such as edge tool, wide tooth comb and hair prick. These complimented the hair tool kit and mini conditioners kit. The collection’s price range is from $7-$42.

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Address & Contact Details

2210 East Maple Avenue, El Segundo, CA 90245 USA

(833) 99-CURLS

Opening Hours

9.30am-5pm PST

9.30am-5pm PST

9.30am-5pm PST

9.30am-5pm PST

9.30am-5pm PST

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