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Introducing Luxemore London

Luxemore London is a premium, wellness and ethical brand focused on natural hair, beard and skin care. The company was launched in December 2018 by Annie Beatson. Products include all natural vegan shampoos, conditioners, essential oils, hair and body bars.

Beginnings and Growth

Luxemore London Founder, Annie Beatson

Luxemore London Founder, Annie Beatson. Photo courtesy of the subject.

Beatson worked for a tech start-up in various departments for 3 years. Sometime in 2018, the department she had been in charge of shut down something she considered a blessing in disguise. As a previous business owner, Beatson was keen to get back into business. Hence the birth of Luxemore London.

In celebration of her Ghanaian heritage, the company launched in Accra, Ghana in the same year. For the successful launch, she worked with Mhoseenu, used social media and word of mouth to promote it.

The brand’s products are therefore geared towards the Afro-Caribbean market and those of mixed heritage. They are also suitable for all hair types. Oils used in their manufacture are 100% pure and as a result, have multiple uses.

Fair trade ingredients sourced from Ghana are preferred. Worth mentioning is that the brand does not test any of their products on animals. In addition, they partner with family-run businesses to remain sustainable.


Every purchase made at Luxemore London supports the Distant Relatives Project. This is an organisation founded by William Asiedu of Ghanaian heritage to give back to the community while connecting the diaspora to Africa through fellowship. Beatson has already volunteered with them in Jamestown, Accra.

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