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La Fête du Rosé wine label
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La Fête du Rosé is a wine label owned by Baltimore native, Donae Burston. This is a premium Rosé targeting multicultural consumers who love life, travel and wine.

Beginnings and Growth

La Fête du Rosé Founder, Donae Burston.

La Fête du Rosé Founder, Donae Burston. Photo by Ron Hill for hauteliving.

Burston, a travel enthusiast, previously worked in the liquor industry for notable labels in a career spanning over 15 years. On a business trip in St. Tropez, a town located on the French Riviera, he was introduced to the owner of Domaine Bertand Belieu. Domaine is particularly unique because it is the oldest vineyard on the St. Tropez Peninsula.

In addition, the winery is committed to sustainable agriculture therefore, they have since eliminated the use of pesticides in favor of a more natural approach to weed out pests. In January 2020, Domaine received organic certification as a result of their commitment to protecting nature. This meeting with the vineyard’s owner saw Burston come up with the idea to create a wine label that catered to and benefitted the black community. Subsequently, La Fête du Rosé was born.

Translated to mean the Rosé  party, the first small test batch was rolled out in Miami in May 2018. The label would officially be launched across the US in May 2019.

What sets the wine label apart from other brands

Initially, the wine label donated a portion of its proceeds from every bottle sale to a variety of programs whose interest was in youth from underprivileged backgrounds. The purpose was to send them on unique travel experiences in order to further develop their skills. Eventually, the label began donating $2 per every bottle sale on their website to the Color of Change Organisation that fights for racial justice.

Furthermore, the brand is the first entirely black owned Rosé from St. Tropez. Contrary to other wine labels that contain 90% Grenache, La Fête du Rosé contains 80%. It is 14% Mourvèdre and 6% Syrah, the latter which gives it a fruit finish and longer taste on the palate. Alcohol percentage is equally lower at 12.5%.

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