HomeSKUL-Rw e-learning portal

HomeSKUL-Rw e-learning portal
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The HomeSKUL-Rw e-learning portal was recently developed by loxotech limited, a tech firm based in Kigali Rwanda. The project was backed by investors from the UK and US. Olivier Nshizirungu, founder of Loxotech and his team felt the urgent need to help teachers, parents and students during this Covid-19 pandemic which has forced schools to shutdown globally.

HomeSKUL-Rw e-learning portal therefore connects experienced teachers to parents homeschooling their children. The teachers are first registered on the platform through a recruitment process that involves applications. The applicants’ CVs are then evaluated for proof of qualification and experience before their interaction with students.

The e-learning portal is particularly beneficial for the teachers because they get to sign income share agreements. This allows them to get paid in the form of a 60% commission of the fee paid by students through the platform. Many Rwandan teachers have found themselves without pay at this time with schools not operational. The HomeSKUL-Rw e-learning portal is indeed the much needed relief for them in terms of financial earnings.

As for the students, everything is in one portal hence they get to;

  • interact with the teachers through videos
  • obtain study materials
  • chat directly with the teachers

This gives the e-learning portal an edge over other existing portals in the East African country which do not provide the interaction aspect. Nshizirungu and his team are currently in the process of rolling out the platform in other interested countries such as the DRC, Guinea Conakry and the UK. Their efforts are likely to revolutionize the e-learning process for children across the world.

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