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Skinfolk – Ancient Exotic Healing. To educate consumers about the powerful treasures found in the most remote places on earth… how to heal painful skin irritations and dryness with vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids.

Featuring fair-trade, raw and indigineous ingredients from around the globe. Products producted without the use of harmful chemical preservatives, mineral and hydrogenated oils, or water. Luxurious hair and body care at it’s best!

From Skinfolk – Ancient Exotic Healing website:

My life’s work began with adult onset acne. Talk about horrible! It’s nothing like blossoming into your own, only to want to retreat and hide inside this damaged shell.

I began a search for anything that could heal me. The acne turned into marks and deep, open pores. Then, the severely dry, but oily complexion that became even MORE agitated with make-up and alcohol based remedies. As I aged, it only worsened and began making me look OLD…to add insult to injury- boils on my body, rashes and you name it… I got it! It seemed the more I fought, the worse it became. The more depressed I was. The lower my self-esteem and worth.

Body Butters, Herbal Salves and Virgin Oils

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