St. Stella Foundation – Child health intervention services

Child health intervention services

St. Stella Foundation – Child health intervention services is a not-for-profit organization registered in Uganda under the non-governmental organizations registration statute 1989, No. S.5914/9131.

It is also a registered member of National Association of Women’s Organizations in Uganda (NAWOU), No. 4/02/A. The foundation has offices in Kampala and Ishaka.

The establishment of the foundation is based on the fact that today, it’s estimated that 16 women die from giving birth every day in Uganda. Which on average is one (1) death every hour and a half and close to 6,000 every year.

St. Stella Foundation (SSF) is a charity organization with individuals committed to improving the provision of free maternal and child health care services to the unprivileged mothers and children in rural and vulnerable areas of Uganda.

The organization, a child health intervention services, was formed in 2011 by a family in memory of a beloved mother, daughter and sister who passed away in 1990 due to a preventable child birth complication.

– Maternal & Child Health Care
– Women and Youth Empowerment
– General Health

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