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Natural Hair and Skin Products

AfroDeity Ltd – Natural Hair and Skin Products is an online business that features and retails natural hair and skin products. Firstly, it serves as blog to record the founder’s hair journey. Secondly, it is a place of resources to help others learn more about themselves and their natural hair. Over the years AfroDeity has transformed into a valuable resource for hair, skin, fitness and healthy eating with readers from all over the world.

From their website:

I am a scientist and working mum of two, who has seen the error of my ways and decided to do something about my hair care. I started this blog in 2009 with a post called ‘A little bit of Vanity’. If had known that all would take would be little bit of vanity, I would have been one of those vain women a long time ago. Being a self certified nerd and academic, I never really paid much attention to my hair or the way I look.

I had my natural hair until the age of 11 when I begged my mother to get a curly perm. So for the next 10 years I sported a curly perm, it was wet but really hardly required any maintenance and I didn’t need to go to the salon that often usually twice a year in my case.

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