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Akusi Organics
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Akusi Organics is an organic, eczema-friendly skin care line founded by Kenyan sisters, Parvis and Diana Swan. The company specializes in body, face, hair, aromatherapy and upcycled items as products. Parvis holds the position of product formulator while Diana is the CEO.

Beginnings and Growth

Parvis has battled eczema all her life. As a result, she developed this desire to find an organic solution to her skin problem when prescribed ointments and medication did not seem to work. Hence the birth of Akusi Organics in their home kitchen. Parvis began making products for herself, family and friends. Eventually, she teamed up with her sister, Diana, to commercialize their venture.

With combined savings, the sisters embarked on building their customer base. This entailed going to pop up and organic markets such as the German School Fashion and Beauty Market. Here, they were able to showcase their products and get feedback on exactly what types people considered ideal. The feedback was particularly helpful in building a product line.

Akusi Organics founders, Parvis and Diana Swan

Akusi Organics Founders, Parvis and Diana Swan. Photo courtesy of Business Daily.


Akusi Organics boasts a wide variety of both male and female oriented products. In their body category, one can find butters, scrubs and soaps. And probably the highlight is the man butter.  For facial care, lipbalms, serums and beard products are available. Under hair care, shampoo and conditioner bars fall. As for Aromatherapy, essential oils and humidifiers are on sale.Their upcycled items include storage drums in vibrant colors.

Akusi Organics also sells in wholesale for buyers interested in stocking the products in their shops. Additionally, online purchase is possible.

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Address & Contact Details

Ngummo Newa Estate, Mtongwe Road, Nairobi, Kenya

+254 795 111 764 / +254 733 721 450



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