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MEFeater Magazine is a black owned online Music, Entertainment and Fashion Magazine. It was founded by Gabrielle Amani who is also the CEO. The magazine targets black millennials worldwide with an interest in Pop Culture. The word MEFeater is cleverly coined with “MEF” standing for “Music, Entertainment, Fashion” and “Eater” representing what is needed for fulfillment in life.

At the tender age of 17, Amani created MEFeater Magazine. Indeed, a testament to her early interest in Pop Culture. Initially, it was a blog where she and her friends could share their random thoughts. The blog eventually grew into the online presence it is today. Amani attributes its growth to a change in direction with its staff mainly made up of young people.

In October 2018, MEFeater Magazine was invited to cover the world premier of Nobody’s Fool, a Tyler Perry Movie. The premier was held at the AMC Lincoln Square in New York. In addition to covering movie premiers, MEFeater Magazine has a You Tube Channel with 495 subscribers as of June 2020. The Magazine also offers internship opportunities to young people looking to gain some experience and frequently reports on Pop Culture and emerging talent news.

Amani has future plans for print media with exclusive features of celebrities. Understandably, she acknowledges the costly nature of such a task and therefore, hopes to release print editions of the Magazine at certain periods in a year. With a strong social media presence and increasing recognition by celebrities, MEFeater Magazine is already well on the way to greater success!

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