Meet Moziah Bridges- Founder of Mo’s Bows

Moziah Bridges
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Moziah Bridges

Imagine having a young child with a very strong fashion sense. Imagine this child wanting to turn this sense into a profitable business. Meet Moziah Bridges, Founder of Mo’s Bows.

Some probably remember a then 9 year old feisty Moziah Bridges appearing on an episode of the Steve Harvey Show to promote his bow tie business. From Steve Harvey’s and the audience’s reaction, you could tell that this was the start of a successful journey in the fashion industry for this child.

Introducing Mo’s Bows

Mo’s Bows is an internationally recognized brand of bow ties and neckties founded by Moziah Bridges. A Memphis native, Bridges learnt how to sew bow ties from his grandmother on her sewing machine at the kitchen table. At the age of 12, together with his mum, they appeared in season 6 of Shark Tank.

Shark, Daymond John was so impressed by the boy’s entrepreneurial spirit and offered to mentor him. This marked a growth period for Mo’s Bows with the brand being picked up by major retailers such as Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdales. In 2015, Bridges made it to the TIME Magazine’s Most Influential Teen List.

Again in 2017, Mo’s Bows partnered with NBA. The partnership gave the company rights to manufacture their products with the logos of NBA Clubs. These items would then be distributed through Mo’s Bows online store and retail outlets. Additionally, Mo’s Bows have not only been featured on TIME and Forbes but O and The Oprah Magazine as well.

Plans for Founder, Moziah Bridges Post-High School

Now in his last year of high school, the teenager is President and Creative Director of the brand. He also has a new book out; Mo’s Bows: A young person’s guide to start up success: Measure, Cut, Stitch your way to a great business. The book has been published by Running Kid Press. It is currently available for purchase through major online distributors including Amazon.Com

With the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic, Mo’s Bows like many other clothing and fashion brands are now designing facemasks. The GoMo Facemasks are available for order at the brand’s site.

Plans after highschool? Bridges plans to go to college to study fashion design. Furthermore, he hopes to create a fashion line as well and looks set to take the fashion world by storm.

Moziah Bridges, Founder, Mo's Bows

Moziah Bridges, Photo courtesy of Charlisha Renata


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