Naivas Supermarket

A Naivas Supermarket Outlet
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Naivas Supermarket

Naivas Supermarket, known simply as “Naivas” is the largest supermarket chain in Kenya. As of March 2020, it had 62 outlets spread all over the country with over 5,000 employees. The chain is headquartered at Sameer Industrial Park, Nairobi, Kenya and is owned by the Mukuha Family. Naivas specializes in retail Food and Non-Food Grocery.


On 24th July 1990, the origins of what would eventually be Naivas Limited was registered. Initially, it traded as Rongai Service Stores Limited and was located in Rongai, Nakuru County. After a while, the company name got changed to Naivasha Self Service Stores Limited. Eventually, the company re-branded and in 2007, it officially became Naivas Limited.


From a budding business in the Rongai area of Nakuru County, Naivas has recorded a significant growth from its early days. Currently, Naivas Supermarket outlets are large spaces boasting enviable food sections to competitors.

On January 24th 2020, it was announced by African Markets that a French private Equity Fund, Amethis Finance was set to acquire about 30% stake in Naivas Limited. The deal was estimated then to be worth billions of shillings hence a boost to Kenya’s investment profile. Historically, Amethis’ investments range between Euro 10 million- 40 million or more in firms they target.

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic notwithstanding, in April 2020, Naivas Limited opened a new branch in Nairobi, Kilimani Food Market. With this new outlet, Naivas outlets have since grown to 63 in the country. In addition, the outlet becomes one of the largest in the residential area with more than 10,000 square ft in space. 25% of the space is dedicated to food items and an eatery. The new outlet has subsequently created 110 new jobs.

Naivas Supermarket-Kilimani Food Market

“We carefully examined the data, found a suitable location with sufficient parking for motor vehicles and convenient access and it was all systems go. The set-up is aligned with our desire to have as many outlets as possible in residential areas, following a ‘localism’ approach where we design, stock and run outlets according to the core users’ needs,” Naivas Chief Commercial Officer, Willy Kimani on the decision to open Kilimani Food Market.

To comply with the ongoing curfew in Kenya as a result of the pandemic, Naivas Supermarket has since cut operating hours.

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