Anifa Mvuemba Launches Pink Label Congo

Anifa Mvuemba Launches Pink Label Congo
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Anifa Mvuemba Launches Pink Label Congo.

Anifa Mvuemba launched the Pink Label Congo collection on Instagram on the night of May 22nd 2020. The Designer, who is Congolese by origin, is the Founder of Hanifa, a luxury fashion label for women based in Maryland, USA. This collection is particularly special because it has been inspired by the women of her homeland, the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Covid-19 pandemic impact on Fashionpreneurs

With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, designers in a bid to stay afloat in business, have been forced to innovate. Some have chosen to design unique face masks while others like Anifa Mvuemba, have opted for 3D Models in place of real models. The result has since been phenomenal as evidenced by the response to Pink Label Congo’s launch on Social Media last week.

The Congolese Fashion Sense

Hanifa’s success as a luxury fashion label is not only limited to this collection. Celebrities such as Ciara, Vanessa Simmons and Kelly Rowland have previously won Hanifa’s designs further cementing its status in the fashion world.

And this comes as no surprise at all! The DRC where Anifa Mvuemba comes from is a country whose people have always been known for their fashion sense. The late Congolese Rumba Maestro Papa Wemba, is best remembered for his music that transcended borders and also for being one of the initiators of the SAPE (Society of Posers and Elegant People) Movement in the 1970s.

The ensuing enthusiasts of the movement, Les Sapeurs, as a result, dressed in daring, elegant clothing. Indeed, up until his death, Papa Wemba was known for his sharp dressing. Other notable Congolese musicians still carrying the torch of elegant and daring clothing are Fally Ipupa, Awilo Longomba  and Koffi Olomide.

A Central African country immensely blessed with riches in minerals, The Democratic Republic of Congo is also known for its kitenge fabric. The fabric is a fashion choice for many women across Africa.

Furthermore, Anifa Mvuemba’s launch of the Pink Label Congo collection is proof that the Congolese fashion designers in our midst are here to stay. And they are the much needed force to reckon with. Her message of beauty for ashes, is indeed uplifting for women of African descent worldwide.

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