Tukizuru Travel and Tours Limited

Tukizuru Travel and Tours Limited
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Tukizuru Travel and Tours Limited is a Tour Operator Business based in Nairobi, Kenya and founded by Rodney Runyora, a tour consultant/travel agent by profession who has studied and worked as a tourism practitioner for 5 years.

Tukizuru, a Swahili word meaning ‘as we travel’, literally defines who the Travel and Tours Limited are and what they do. Tukizuru as the name suggests, focuses on enhancing the experiential value of travel, endearing itself to the belief that; it’s in the little details, that the joys of travel are found.

As such, traveling through Kenya and the East African region with Tukizuru means immersing yourself in Culture, in the Food, in the Music, in the Sights and Sounds of our bustling cities and subtle forests. It is in holding your breathe as you take that award winning wildlife photo, it is (while) in the Maasai Mara, waiting in angst as the first zebra takes a leap of faith ahead of the rest –the Wildebeest Migration. It is in slowly feeling the aura of the Freshly Ground Coffee you’re about to sip while watching the sunset over the Kenyan landscape from the comfort of your front porch somewhere in the Amboseli.

This is who Tukizuru Travel & Tours Limited are. They undertake a myriad of tours:

  • Birdwatching,
  • Wildlife Safari,
  • Beach Tourism,
  • Helicopter Tours,
  • Cultural & Historical Tours, among others.

Moreover, they delight in hearing your interests and tailor making tours for their clientele, to Kenya and beyond. Try them out!

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