NBA invests millions of dollars in new African league

Basketball Africa

Basketball is one of the most popular ball sports and naturally a favorite amongst young people. The African continent is known for hosting the youngest population which is an opportunity to win over new demographic and boost the commercial potential of the NBA brand.

The NBA renewed its multi-million dollar investment into the African sports market by launching a new league on the African continent which includes setting up training academies and youth programmes.

According to Amadou Gallo Fall, vice-president and managing director of NBA Africa and newly announced president of the Basketball Africa League

“There is tremendous opportunity for basketball development on the continent. Not just from a talent development standpoint but also to grow the NBA business.

The Basketball Africa League and the NBA teamed up with the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) to launch this initiative in January 2020.

Basketball teams from across Africa, six from Angola, Nigeria, Senegal, Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco will play for an interested audience. These countries already have a strong basketball heritage.

The new basketball league aims to capitalise on a growing interest for sports across African nations.

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