Root 2 Tip – Helping You to Love Your Hair

Root 2 Tip - Helping You to Love Your Hair

Root 2 Tip – Helping You to Love Your Hair focuses on natural hair care and offers products for kids with Afro and mixed race hair, women with hairloss and men.

From Root 2 Tip website:

ROOT2TiP Haircare Solutions was founded by me, Sal, a Haircare obsessed fanatic, with an intense passion for getting people to love their hair no matter the texture, by using my naturally inspired Haircare line and the right Haircare practices.

I literally, eat, sleep and breathe hair!

After spending years taking care of my own natural hair, and constantly searching for the right products to use in it from my local hair shop with much dismay, it all came to a head one day – after suffering my own hair horror story, I decided enough was enough!

After hours spent scouring the internet for the perfect hair-growth formula I decided to mix up my own natural scalp oil and document my hair growth progress by taking pictures every couple of months. Soon after I noticed my concoction actually worked, friends and family also saw the results and they too tried out my oil and they also got similar positive results, the rest is really history!

At ROOT2TiP, we pride ourselves on not only creating amazing quality Natural and affordable products for all hair types, but also on providing you with the HAIR-ducation, Tips, and Advice needed to make caring for your Curly Afro, Mixed-race, Biracial and straight hair stress-free and simple!

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