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Zaide Dona
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Zaide Dona Clothing Shop

Zaide Dona is a clothing shop based in Miami, Florida and founded by sisters of Haitian-Dominican descent, Katherine and Martine Pierre. Katherine doubles up as the Founder and CEO while Martine doubles up as the Co-Founder and CMO.

The sisters credit their grandmother, Zaide for the inspiration of the store and its collection. In their recollection of the matriarch of their family, Zaide’s love for fashion and hard work is quite evident. As a result, the shop stocks on women’s fashion and apparel. Worth noting is that Katherine is a corporate turned entrepreneur.


Zaide Dona stocks on all items of clothing fit for a stylish woman. Its New Arrivals selection caters to all body types intended to accentuate the female curves. The highlight of the Matching Sets selection is arguably the Drip Too Hard Denim Shorts With Rhinestone Fringe.

Shipping is possible and all orders take 5-10 business days to ship. However, with the Covid-19 pandemic, there have been some unavoidable shipping delays and customers are alerted to this by the store. In addition, Zaide Dona offers the much needed tips on how to care for your garments. In their blog section, customers can read on the 10 Trendy Ways to Wear a Jean Jacket.

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