Tana Falls Ginger Beer

Tana Falls Ginger Beer

We loved our Jamaican Grandmother’s ginger beer so much we could never get enough of it. We had to either go without sometimes or learn her age-old recipe. We chose to learn it, and she taught us well.

She entrusted us with the tips and secrets of her mothers and her friends’ mothers, and it is this traditional recipe, where the ginger and other spices were added to boiled water and allowed to brew for several hours, that you will now enjoy – Tana Falls Ginger Beer.

In keeping with all our grandmothers’ commitment to giving their loved ones tasty and healthy treats, Tana Falls Ginger Beer is made using only the freshest ginger, limes and tropical spices that pass our rigorous inspections.

It is brewed for several hours with filtered, fluoride-free water and sweetened with Turbinado Raw Cane Sugar. Tana Falls is non-carbonated and free of preservatives.

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