TJ Benson, Visual Artist

TJ Benson is a Nigerian Visual Artist whose work has been published in several Online Journals, exhibited in some Nigerian Cities and published in Print. His collection of photographs titled ‘Rituals’ was published in downloadable PDF by Sankofa Magazine in 2016 with a foreword by the poet and photographer, David Ishaya Osu.

His work focuses on the body and ways in which we are broken and bent into stories. His most recent series which featured models in specially sculpted spectacles titled ‘Seeing’ sought to examine the ways in which the systems we develop to perceive the world turn back to influence us. The Seeing Series touched on Technology, the African Identity, Aging and Mental health. A photo essay adapted from the ‘Seeing’ series called ‘The Reimagination of Sight’ was published by Lolwe in February 2020.

TJ Benson lives in Kaduna and can be found on



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